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Sajada Souleyman thick prayer mat

Comfort at the service of Muslims

How many Muslims step back during prayer to prostrate without going over the mat? How many pray with knee pain? That said, a prayer rug with well-designed dimensions and quality fabric will help you pray more serenely. With this in mind, we designed our thick, patternless, non-slip, memory foam prayer rugs. Choose a plain and unique prayer rug!

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To pray with family or friends, fit your mats together so that there is no space between you!


Our mats are designed with ideal dimensions! No more backtracking: Card your back straight and stay on the mat.


Sajada-Souleyman, a thick, plain and patternless prayer rug

Three thick prayer rugs folded, of different colors, and placed next to each other - Sajada-SouleymanSajada-Souleyman is a plain, patternless prayer rug. We designed our carpets after analyzing the recommendations of the prophet (Salla Allah Alayhi wa Sallam ), as well as the opinions of the great Muslim scholars.

We are convinced that the Salat must be practiced in the best conditions in order to allow the Muslim to carry out his act of worship comfortably and according to the Sunna. Thus, we have opted for a minimalist design that ensures better concentration.

Sajada-Souleyman, a thick and comfortable prayer mat that allows you to align your feet with your shoulders

How many people on earth recoil during Salat to prostrate, because of 30 centimeters of cloth? This gesture, which many people add during prayer, is often involuntary and due to the unsuitable dimensions of their prayer mat.

The dimensions of our prayer mats have been rigorously studied to correspond to almost all people. Unlike the prayer rugs on the market, Sajada-Souleyman allows you to pray without having to add a gesture to your prayer and step back when prostrating.

The length of our prayer rugs is 1m57 while their width is 53 centimeters. The thickness of our mats is around 1 centimeter, which avoids the friction of your joints on the ground and preserves your health.

In addition, these dimensions allow you to have a better alignment between your shoulders and your feet while having the adequate space to prostrate yourself more comfortably.

Long prayer rugs that allow you to keep your back straight

Sajada-Souleyman offers you prayer rugs long enough to allow you to pray and prostrate while keeping your back straight and without ever having to step back. There is, therefore, no need to add a gesture to your prayer.

A thick prayer mat with memory foam

The prayer rugs usually sold are thin. Still others are quite thick but not very comfortable. The texture of their fabric could cause discomfort in the forehead and face area due to its sticky effect.

To remedy this, Sajada-Souleyman uses shape memory technology . The latter, and in addition to its main role which consists in making the mat return to its initial shape, allows to have a damping capacity similar to a mat having a thickness of 4 centimeters, without however feeling any discomfort in the forehead.

The thick prayer rug, in its black color by Sajada-Souleyman placed on a floor outside next to a white wallIn addition, the thickness of our prayer mats protects your joints from friction on the ground and preserves your health.

Perfectly sized prayer rugs inspired by Mecca

In Mecca, during our Umrah, we noticed that the distance in front of each prior is 1m60. After conducting studies and research, we have realized that this distance is ideal for being able to pray without being bothered by the person praying in front of us.

Such a distance also allows us not to step back and not to put our head, at the time of Soujoud, where the person in front of us puts his feet.

We deepened our research by analyzing statistics on the size of the European population. This is how we have chosen these dimensions for our prayer rugs which allow you to align your feet with the shoulders and prostrate while keeping your back straight, without ever being bothered by the person praying in front of us.

A non-slip prayer mat, easy to carry and wash

The non-slip bottom of our thick prayer mats allows you to put them on any floor and even offers you the possibility of using them for your sports activity. Even your kids could play on it without fear of slipping or falling.

Whether you are traveling or on a stroll, Sajada-Souleyman is the mat you need. It can accompany you during your longest journeys for various uses. Finally, the Sajada-Souleyman is quite easy to wash.

Modern prayer rugs that fit your home decor

Three thick prayer rugs of different colors, placed on a floor at home, for family prayer - Sajada-Souleyman

Sajada-Souleyman thick prayer rugs are unique. Their meaning can be recognized intuitively thanks to the extension that we have added to them at the top, and their touch gives you a soft feeling of velvet for greater comfort.

Also, their modern colors make it easy to match your prayer rugs to your home decor.

Thick interlocking prayer rugs for family prayer

Sajada-Souleyman prayer rugs are cleverly designed to fit together. To pray with family or friends, our prayer mats give you better alignment and an ideal space for the practice of your Salat.

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