prayer rug
Sajada Souleyman

Comfort at the service of Muslims

thick comfortable shape memory long non-slip United nestable

shape memory

The shape memory technology on the top spares your joints.


A velvet feel for maximum comfort.


A non-slip coating for the safety of the whole family.

Solid color

A solid color for optimal concentration.

thick and comfortable prayer mats

Sajada-Souleyman offers you prayer mats thick enough to practice your prayer in ideal comfort. Preserve your joints by choosing a mat designed to protect your health.

prayer rugs
united and without patterns

The designs and shapes can distract you during your prayer. That’s why we opted for plain and unpatterned prayer rugs to help you improve your concentration during prayer.

Les tapis de prière épais, antidérapants et unis de Sajada-Souleyman

Avoid adding a gesture to your prayer

How many Muslims in the world recoil from keeping their heads on the mat during prostration, because of 30 centimeters less fabric? Sajada-Souleyman is a prayer mat with studied dimensions, which saves you from adding a gesture to your Salat.

Memory foam prayer rugs

Joint pain with traditional prayer mats? We thought of you. Our prayer mats with shape memory allow a better redistribution of pressure points to preserve your health and get rid of joint pain.

non-slip prayer mats

Sajada-Souleyman prayer rugs are designed with non-slip for maximum safety. Therefore, you can put them on any type of floor. Your children can even play on it and learn the different gestures of prayer without ever worrying about slipping or falling.

an invention at the service of Muslims

First, we studied how best to perform prayer. That is to say to adapt the dimensions of the carpet to the prayer and not the reverse. Sajada-Souleyman is longer. 1 billion Muslims step back during prayer to stay on the mat during 'soujoud'. We have got into the habit of modifying the salat for 30 cm of tissue. This is completely crazy !

Mourad, inventeur du tapis Sajada Souleyman

your pictures

Whether at sea or in the desert, at work or at home, with colleagues or friends, your prayer rug goes with you everywhere. Choose a thick and comfortable carpet.

a modern and elegant design

Our color choices are subtly studied to respond to market trends. So you can afford a modern prayer rug that matches your home decor.